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The Good Roleplay Masterlists

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Ever spent hours trawling through journals and communities, shuffling through advertisements, simply pleading for a good psl, only to finally get it, and discover... it is crap?

Then welcome to The Good Roleplay Masterlist, the resource containing the comms and players that you recommend, or... insult endlessly. It goes either way =D

[x] All application posts screen comments.
[x] Myspace, Livejournal, Greatest Journal and board roleplays all applicable.
[x] No need to even be a member of LJ to be archived. Simply post anonymously.

Roleplay Application.

Apply to be on the list, or simply put someone forward.

Community Application.

Apply to put your community on the list, or simply put one forward.

Report Bad Users.

Every encountered a truly appalling roleplayer, or a stomach-churning community? Maybe both? Report them here.

Roleplayer Masterlist.

A list containing all roleplayers, ready, willing, available and damn freaking good.

Community Masterlist.

A list containing the current cream of the crop. Checked regularly to ensure no dead comms.

People and Places to Avoid.

Make sure you don't go near these folks or communities...

Submit a Story Line.

Submit a great story line for the list.

Story Lines.

A collection of the very best storylines.


All the secksiest communities of all sorts for you.

Want to Affiliate?

Wish to affiliate with Good_rp? All comms and journals considered!
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